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Company Formation and a full package of other related Business Services from professionals in the field of the Accounting, Auditing and Business Advisory profession whose origins date back to 1970 (and before) in the United Kingdom. We are a family business with high professional standards where the old and the new knowledge and experience mix to give the best of Personal Attention with exclusive solutions to each and every assignment of whichever form – company formation, structure, taxation, finance, accounting, auditing issues and other challenges facing the modern international and local company or group.


The presently available benefits can be secured without risk, because it is expected that in a few years the Cyprus economy will step up to new heights through the utilisation of the new opportunities emanating from the gas and oil exploitation.

Now is therefore the time to get into the new Cyprus economy era that is coming. Evidently, the prospects for economic future growth guarantee the exit from the present temporary recession, which is not viewed as threatening the economy or any of its major sectors.

The advantages that Cyprus has to offer now and in the future and, in an ironic way, the invalid reasons that competitive countries in the field of company formation and financial services together with politically or otherwise ill-motivated international so called analysts with fixed anti Cyprus portfolio (low company taxation equated to tax haven; temporary weaknesses of sectors of the economy equated to disaster etc), make it all more important to come to Cyprus.

Choose Cyprus securely and decisively for the present advantages and for the future ones. These advantages include the following:

  • European Union membership, which is enhanced by the Presidency in the second half of 2012.
  • Excellent communication and transport networks.
  • Geographical location – Europe, Middle East, Asia.
  • Low company taxation as a corner stone of the Taxation policy and which is not expected to change.
  • High standard of Financial Services professionals.
  • Excellent legal system
  • Public Service targeted for efficiency review, but with commendable progress lately in cutting the incorporation related processes and time.

 Strange, I can see it here, the light of the sun, the gold net where things are quivering like the fishes which a great angel draws together with the nets of the fishermen.

From the poem “Ayia Napa” - by George Seferis, Nobel Prize Laureate - 1963 – Literature

We believe in a continuous growth planning for the future under any current economic and business conditions. The future can always be bright with the right steps. The current economic recession facing many European and other countries, including Cyprus, offers opportunities for forward growth planning.


Cyprus has been a reliable Financial Services Centre for many years and still offers a good base for business for many valid reasons, some of which are mentioned in the text of this website - and no doubt many similar websites have gone through in detail.


Choose us, because: We have the knowledge and experience; we care more; we give a more personal attention to your requirements.


Cyprus lives its own state of recession continuing to offer great opportunities for business and investment, which include lower property values, lower financial services costs, opportunities to acquire residency (especially important for non European citizens) by investing around €300.000 in property.